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Individualizes Feedback for Those Previously Afraid to Ask


My name is Jessica Hunter. I teach 10th and 9th grade Geometry at Sterlington High School in North Louisiana. While our school is not 1:1, we are rapidly approaching this ratio. Almost every classroom has either a class set of chromebooks, laptops or iPads. We also have SmartBoards and Smart TVs. I use technology on a daily basis. I use my SmartBoard during whole class instruction and my iPads during individual practice by using Classkick. I also Classkick for for individualized feedback for students who are afraid to ask questions. It has helped me in my room tremendously because these students who are afraid to ask questions out loud are able to ask me questions individually and usually anonymously–or they can get help from their peers. Classkick allows my students to work individually on the same assignment while allowing me to observe and help students as needed. I wouldn’t be able to provide individualized feedback and practice as often, or meaningful station activities without Classkick. The multiple other things that I can't do without Classkick are individualized mathematics practice that I do after my instruction, or online office hours which I do in the afternoon after school, homework practice, or during mathematics design collaborative lessons ('MDC lessons').



About Jessica


Jessica Hunter is the leader of the math team in Louisiana, and geometry teacher at Sterlington High School in Sterlington. She has been teaching high school mathematics for eight years in Northeast Louisiana. Jessica has been a Core Advocate since November of 2013. She is also the current high school mathematics liaison for  Northeast Louisiana Teachers of Math (NELATM). She has completed instructional material reviews for the Louisiana Department of Education, Student Achievement Partners, and Jessica is a current Teacher Leader for her school and prior Teacher Leader Advisor. She is in the process of completing her dissertation for a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Louisiana Tech University. Jessica was selected as a Louisiana State Finalist in 2017 for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST), which showcases devotion to professional development, incorporating innovative approaches into their classroom teaching, and using technological resources in their classrooms.

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