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Providing Immediate Feedback Where It's Needed Most 


I am a second grade teacher at Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. I have a passion for teaching second grade, and have been teaching at CCR for the past six years.

Three years ago, my school implemented one-to-one iPads in all classrooms, K-8. At first, this was overwhelming, trying to manage teaching curriculum, while also using iPads to their fullest extent. I was lucky enough to attend a professional development, at school, in which Classkick was introduced. I was immediately drawn to the fact that I would be able to give scholars IMMEDIATE feedback while they were working. The app also seemed very user friendly, which was a plus for me! One of my biggest struggles, especially when teaching math, was that the scholars constantly needed feedback, and it was very challenging for me to manage that with thirty scholars in the classroom. I found that with Classkick, I could quickly and effectively give the feedback the scholars needed. I saw scholars growing more confident with their work.

As I began implementing the app into my teaching, I noticed that the scholars were extremely engaged in their work. They loved being able to raise their hand for help, help others, and enjoyed feedback through the stickers. Whenever I say, “open the Classkick app” to my class, I am met with cheers of excitement.

Utilizing the Classkick app has truly transformed my teaching. I can engage my class, while also giving them quick, beneficial, academic feedback.