Teacher Empowerment Survey

Surveying a national sample of K-12 teachers, the Teacher Empowerment Survey captures the voice and experience of today’s educators on the opportunities and challenges they face as they define the teaching profession for the present and future.

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What is Classkick & how does it work?

1. Teachers Prep an Assignment

Teachers upload their own content or create something new–with drawings, text, images, audio, links, and videos to provide instruction.

2. Students Work on Their Devices

In 1:1 or group settings, students do activities: drawings, text, images, and audio or answer fill-the-blank or multiple choice, and more!

3. Everyone Gives Feedback

Teachers support w/ individualized, real-time feedback: drawing, image, chat, audio, stickers, points. Students can even ask peers for help anonymously.

4. Teachers See it All

Teachers can see all their kids’ thinking! Who needs help, who gets a high-five, how are students doing!